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Temptations Luxe

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 These are our most luxurious glitter mixes I see beautiful fall colors glitters that have amazing depth with beautiful shifts when hit just right by the light!  You will notice that these glitters are slightly higher in cost due to the  process for mixing and creating as well as the rare qualities these have! 

Glitter Details:

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate Film
  • Opaque/Metallic/Holographic
  • Non-ToxiIc

Holographic polyester glitter is a total knock out! This extra/ultra fine glitter/mini chunk. This type of polyester glitter is perfect for using as artist glitter, glitter for nails, using on t-shirts, flooring, and anytime you need eye catching effects! We have a full list of applications at the bottom of the page. This polyester glitter works great with clear glue, high quality spray glues, epoxy, and more. Note: Holographic glitter has a base color and then a secondary rainbow holographic effect. When the light hits it the glitter is simply dazzling! Use it by itself or mix it with other colors.

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