“HAMMER TIME YELLOW” BeesBling Marble Inks

“HAMMER TIME YELLOW” BeesBling Marble Inks

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These inks are specially made by yours truly! I personally spent months working on the chemical compound to achieve the desired result!  They have been tested and successfully created beautiful water marbling on Tumblers, Wood, Paper and more! For Tumblers your base needs to be a Flat Enamel color for the best results . 

Please use in a ventilated area the chemicals are flammable and have a smell to them so protective gear Is suggested but not required! 


1. Using the dropper or a pipette or euro dropper attached, carefully drop the selected Marbling Inks into a deep bucket or bowl filled with COLD water (warm water will not allow the inks to correctly blend).

2. Let the colors spread and settle for a few seconds  before using a cocktail stick, point of a knife or comb to SLOWLY swirl and move the paint around the  until you achieve the pattern you want.

3. When you are happy with your pattern place your tumbler, paper, wood, fabric etc onto the surface of the bath by rolling it on making sure it is completely flat. Leave it for 10 – 15 seconds before carefully lifting out by rolling back.

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